Cissell irons are not obsolete, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Our Iron is the evolution of the ACA1000, therefore all spare parts of the old Cissell ACA1000 are perfectly compatible with it.

When Asian manufacturers entered the market, many in our industry replaced quality with price. As a result, companies, like ours, that have always invested on quality products, saw a significant drop in sales volume; however, for several years we have witnessed a change. Manufacturers and retailers are bringing their focus back to quality. The market no longer wants to work with poor quality products without any warranties.

At Newhouse Specialty Company, we offer a 6 month warranty on the ACA1000 Steam-Electric irons. We stand behind the quality of this exceptional product!

ACA1000 Steam-Electric irons have a cast aluminum alloy sole plate that features a built-in element and patented internal honeycomb design. Drill patterns allow for maximum steam performance at the touch of the electric thumb switch. The grips are made from molded cork for cool comfort. The irons also features a thermal fuse to prevent overheating and include a heat shield hand guard for extra protection. The Steam-Electric Iron comes complete with an electrical cord. All our irons features a standard electric element, 800 watts. Irons are available in 120 or 240 alternating current only and ready for hook-up with the optional Lowboy Assembly or Steam Regulator. And to top it off we can also add a water spray gun to it for better finishing



For our very first Blog entry, we thought we would give you a bit of Newhouse Specialty history…

Out of his garage, in 1946, Ernie Newhouse, a drycleaner and salesman by trade, started Newhouse Specialty Company with his first product – the Counterack No. 1. This floor length garment hanger, advertised to “prevent wrinkles” and “build good will”, was brand new to the industry creating a stir making sales take off. Ernie Newhouse added other specialty items, such as laundry scales and brushes, to build his catalog and to this day, the company still carries many of the same core items and disperses its catalogs to distributors who sell to the consumers.

In 1967, Cy Alford took over the Glendale, CA, operation when Ernie Newhouse fell ill and soon died. Newhouse had an agreement with Jacobson Products, a manufacturer of Teflon iron shoes, as their exclusive sales agent for the Iron shoes. Alford released the product for overseas sales as well as the domestic market. Eventually, Newhouse Specialty Co developed its own iron shoes edging out the other company in sales and quality.  Newhouse is also known for their superior pens made with the permanent and indelible KD-7 Ink. The Pill Remover was also created especially for Newhouse and is still a hot seller.

Through the years Newhouse developed products such as spotting guns, vent clamps and sleeve formers, which are being used for the after market as well as supplying them to original equipment manufactures. Don’t be surprised to see our sleeve formers on a Forenta or Unipress Sleever!

Like everyone, Newhouse was affected by the economic decline but we have survived and are thriving. The same quality merchandise that our customers are accustomed to will be around for many years to come.

These are some pages extracted from one of the first catalogs published in 1957.